If your child often suffers from a cold and stuffy nose, it is a good idea to take a few minor precautions to prevent and alleviate discomfort right from the start:

  • When the symptoms are at their worst, you can use a specific product such as Isomar Decongestant Vials. Isomar Decongestant Vials contain pure sea water with a natural salt concentration of around 3%. This saline concentration is slightly higher than that of the mucous membrane, and so clears the nose gently by osmosis without the need for medication. The vials can also be used in aerosol therapy for treatment using only pure sea water. An isotonic solution is preferable for diluting any medication.
  • It is advisable not to prolong treatment with hypertonic solution for more than 2 weeks, after which you should practice daily hygiene to keep the nose clear of allergens and bacteria. A useful aid can be found in Isomar Daily Hygiene Vials. These contain isotonic sea water, diluted to contain the same saline concentration as the blood. When this solution passes over the mucous membrane, it gently carries away allergens and bacteria.
  • To prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria, it is also important to preserve a healthy atmosphere. Use a humidifier or vaporiser to improve the quality of indoor air, or just place wet towels on radiators and ensure that you ventilate the room frequently, even in cold weather.
  • Ensure your child drinks a lot. This will keep the mucus in the nose more liquid and prevent the build-up of congestion, which not only makes breathing harder, but also allows infected material to collect in the paranasal sinuses and the ear canal, increasing the risk of more painful and serious conditions such as sinusitis and otitis.