About 10% of infants are affected by gaseous colic and minor abdominal problems, accompanied by inconsolable crying that parents find hard to manage. First of all, to avoid over-reaction, you need to learn to distinguish physiological distress from crying caused by colic. The symptoms related to colic are very recognisable, because the baby will suddenly begin to scream, clenching his fists and flexing his legs. Then, just as suddenly, he will calm down, before starting to scream once more. If you experience this situation, keep calm, because colic has no adverse effect on the growth or health of your baby and tends to disappear after three months of life. In addition, there are many remedies that can help alleviate the pain, including teas made from chamomile or fennel. We recommend sucrose-free varieties such as the Mister Baby infusions, which rely on grape sugar to give them their sweetness.