How can you both clean and protect your baby's skin?

The skin of children in the first few years of life differs from that of adults, in that the stratum corneum (the outermost layer of the epidermis) is relatively thin. This layer plays an important role in protecting the body from dehydration, regulating any loss of moisture and enabling absorption of the various substances applied to the skin. Because this layer is thinner in young children, the NMF (Natural Moisturising Factor) and concentration of surface lipids occur at lower levels than those found in adult skin. As a result, their skin barrier is not very efficient, making them more prone to developing dermatitis. This can either be atopic (due to an inherited sensibility) or caused by contact with irritants or allergens. That is why any products used for babies must contain natural substances that are non-aggressive, and that respect and preserve the delicate balance of a skin that is not yet fully developed.

The range of dermocosmetic products from Mister Baby are specifically designed for this purpose. They contain the active ingredient NMF7, patented after many years of research by the company's Advanced Research Centre. This ingredient basically replicates the natural action of NMF, restoring the moisturising content of the skin, ensuring that the stratum corneum maintains the correct degree of humidity and improving its function as a protective barrier.