Babies' eyes are particularly delicate and much more prone to reddening than adult eyes. Dried secretions from the tear ducts can also cause their eyelashes to gum together, especially after periods of sleep. It is therefore advisable to clean your baby's eyes at least once a day to prevent redness or possible infection. For newborn infants, we recommend using sterile gauze soaked in sterile saline solution, wiping the gauze gently over the eyelid, starting from the inside. For older children, there are various ready-to-use products available on the market.

The best types of saline solution for nose, ear and eye hygiene are those that are based on sea water. This is because it contains certain nutrients that support the mucous membrane and help clean away pollen and bacteria, giving protection from infection and acting as a decongestant. All forms of life originated in the sea, so the salt content in our blood is very similar to seawater, making it the ideal way to restore the balance between our cells and the outside world. Isomar products are made with water from the Cinque Terre Marine Park, taken from an area 3.5 miles from the coast and 6 metres deep. This ensures that the water is extremely pure and rich in iodine, since the sunlight can still penetrate at that depth and enable the growth of seaweed. As Isomar always sources its seawater from a particular area, it is the only product of its kind to be able to certify its provenance. Indeed, Legambiente has named it the bacteriologically purest water in Italy for its high degree of oxygenation and large quantity of mineral salts and trace elements, making it ideal for clinical and therapeutic use.

We recommend the use of Isomar water to prevent allergies and colds and to alleviate related symptoms: benefits that an ordinary saline solution cannot provide as it lacks a balanced content of salts and minerals.