During the first few months of life children breathe almost exclusively through the nose, which therefore acts as an important barrier against viruses, bacteria and irritants. If his nose is blocked, a baby can suffer considerable discomfort, finding it difficult to either feed or sleep. Children do not usually learn to blow their own noses until about age three, and until then are not able to sneeze forcefully enough to expel all irritants. Daily hygiene plays a vital role in protecting your child against a cold or stuffy nose; however, if his nose is already congested, you need to use a product that is designed to clear it in a gentle way. Isomar Decongestant Vials contain pure sea water with a natural salt concentration of around 3%. This saline concentration is slightly higher than that of the mucous membrane, and so clears the nose gently by osmosis without the need for medication.

The vials can also be used in aerosol therapy for treatment with pure sea water. An isotonic solution is preferable for diluting any medication. The sea water used in Isomar products contains minerals and trace elements that are important for maintaining and restoring the well-being of the mucosa, including when the nose is inflamed or irritated, as is common with colds. When a cold is very persistent and requires a more comprehensive treatment, you can alternate the use of Isomar Decongestant Vials with application of the Isomar Nasal Aspirator. The nasal aspirator allows you to clear mucus from the nose more quickly, and in a gentle, safe way. It is best to use it in combination with Isomar Daily Hygiene Vials, as a few drops of isotonic solution help to soften the mucus and so ease the suction process.

Older children and adults can use other products in the Decongestant range:

  • Isomar Decongestant Spray with Hyaluronic Acid, a formula enriched with hyaluronic acid which hydrates the mucous membrane, keeping it soft and helping to prevent dryness and irritation. It can be used from 12 months of age
  • Isomar Decongestant Spray contains pure hypertonic sea water, and can be used from 12 months of age
  • Isomar no gas Decongestant Spray provides a handy pocket remedy for use outside the home. The presence of mint and eucalyptus gives an immediate feeling of freshness. It can be used from 24 months of age