During the first few months of life children breathe almost exclusively through the nose, which therefore acts as an important barrier against viruses, bacteria and irritants.

If his nose is blocked, a baby can suffer considerable discomfort, finding it difficult to either feed or sleep.

Children do not usually learn to blow their own noses until about age three, and until then are not able to sneeze forcefully enough to expel all irritants.

A daily hygiene regime is therefore very important for the well-being of the child, as it keeps the airways free and clean and helps to prevent infection.

Daily Hygiene with Isomar:

  • From the first few days of a child's life, we recommend using Isomar Daily Hygiene Vials. These contain only isotonic sea water, i.e. water with the same salt content as the blood. When this solution passes over the mucous membrane, it carries away allergens and bacteria. Sea water contains minerals and trace elements that are vital for maintaining the well-being of the mucosa.
  • For a persistent cold and very blocked nose, you can use the Isomar Nasal Aspirator, which will clear the mucus very quickly and in a safe, gentle way.
  • For older children you can also use the more practical isotonic sea water sprays. From age 6 months, you can use the Isomar no-gas Baby Spray, and from age 12 months, the Isomar Baby Spray, enriched with chamomile extract to provide a softening action.
  • And what is there for adults? Isomar Daily Hygiene Spray. A protective daily clean is also important for adults, and Isomar has just the right product: a double dispenser that can be used for cleaning both the nose and the ears.