Mister Baby has designed and developed a line of baby care products with a special focus on the sensitivity of a baby's skin and the need to protect it.

The company examined the structure of the hydrolipidic film, which maintains the moisture of the skin and counteracts aggressive environmental agents. It was then able to replicate the composition of the NMF by means of an exclusive formula based on seven active ingredients, which work in synergy to hydrate and protect the skin of the newborn: the NMF7 complex.

The great strengths of the NMF7 complex:

  • It restores the moisturising elements in the surface of the skin (the aqueous component of the hydrolipidic film).
  • It maintain the correct level of moisture in the stratum corneum;
  • It improves the skin's protective and moisturising function, and increases its ability to absorb the constituent molecules of the complex.

Mister Baby products are based on careful and thorough research by a group of professionals, who work closely with both universities and parents to observe and study newborn babies and their particular needs. Carefully selected, high quality raw materials are used to create a specific range of products in Italian factories. All these products are designed to support a baby's skin in its natural process of development, and to offer it long-term protection. Mister Baby products contain a high concentration of natural ingredients.

All the products have passed specific tests (for nickel and 1,4-dioxane), demonstrating their effectiveness, safety and tolerability. To minimise the risk of allergies, Mister Baby products are free of parabens, phenoxyethanol, dyes, or foaming agents such as SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate). In addition, none of the fragrances used contain allergens.

The Mister Baby skincare range for newborn infants includes products for washing and cleansing (Cleansing Milk, Delicate Shampoo, Protective Bath and Cleansing Mousse); for moisturising (Body Cream, Face Cream), and for nappy change (Protective Cream and Cleansing Wipes; Eau de Cologne).